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  • I live in Johannesburg, but originally a Capetonian.

  • I take on crazy challenges (or bets), the Ironman, Kilimanjaro and Cape Epic to name a few.

  • I have turned into a highly competitive and successful social golfer.

  • I have a beautiful wife, a philosophical rescue dog, and a batty old cat nicknamed “Diablo”.

  • I wrote code and built some cool products and services for a Fintech.

  • Big fan of start-ups, great entrepreneurial vibe.

  • I was the Associate Director of CIO Advisory services at KPMG.

  • Tried my hand at Management Consulting, mastered the art of mass multi-tasking.

  • I was the Enterprise Architect (technology hustler) at Nedbank for Products & Services.

  • Did my bit to bring some old banking systems into a new era.

  • I left banking and joined Deloitte Digital.

  • I landed some solid “Digital” experience, brushing up on those soft skills.

  • Now I work for Multichoice, Chief innovator in the African Media and Entertainment space.

  • If you want the full story - I have a more detailed resumé.

  • I used to be what all software engineers aspired to be: effortlessly geek.

  • I'm still the same old geek in the hoodie, just now with a seat at the boardroom table.

The Story so far

Peter Robb
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