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Media Innovator

Technologist & Digital Architect

The geek in the hoodie with a seat at the boardroom table

It’s not Peter’s first rodeo…he has a track record of positively impacting industries that include Media, ICT & Management Consulting, Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunications, Insurance, Motor Manufacturing & Finance, Public Sector and Government.

Peter is the consummate “Corporate Entrepreneur”, tasked with balancing practicalities of business change, technology innovation and financial investment to deliver value, in a sustainable way. He is an expert and sought after advisor on emerging business strategies using modern technologies and disruptive market innovations.

Peter Robb shapes business change

Peter Robb is the Group Chief Enterprise Architect for MultiChoice, a modern-day media and broadcast company with global operations, delivering entertainment and lifestyle content to a vast set of audiences.


Peter has always had an entrepreneurial passion and drive for matching technology innovation to business development, from his early days in developing new Fintech’s - to driving modern day Multinational business and technology transformation.


Defines strategy, sets direction and aligns people.

Positions investments and commercial options. Designs innovative solutions that match a business outcome. Relentlessly tests the value they add.

Peter Robb


Peter writes about Tech, Finance, Business Innovation and Industry Disruption

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